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Adult & Teen classes

Creating leaders, one martial arts lesson at a time...

From confidence building to refining balance and coordination, the long-term, life changing benefits of taking Martial Arts classes are vast.

At our Martial Arts Academy, unlike some other schools, we understand how important your personal development is – putting your needs at the centre of our work - and our highly qualified and experienced Instructors, running each of our unique Martial Arts lessons, are here to support you during every step of your training.

With over 15 different Martial Arts classes per week to choose from, whether you’re looking to gain more confidence, improve your health & fitness, or just give Martial Arts training a go to see what it’s all about, GPC MMA has the perfect Martial Arts class for you.


What will I get back from taking Martial Arts lessons?

The skills and disciplines associated with Martial Arts training can be applied to all areas of your daily life, not just in our Martial Arts school! Here in our Martial Arts Academy, we proudly state that Martial Arts classes aren't just a hobby, they are a lifestyle, and within weeks of starting one of our Martial Arts classes, you will begin to notice positive changes from within yourself, including:


*Development of self confidence

*Improvement of physical and emotional well being

*Achieving better self control

*Development of focus

*Improvement in social and communication skills


Join our Academy today and see for yourself why everyone is talking about us.

When you join us, you will soon enjoy the benefits of a new, improved and healthy lifestyle. Physical and mental fitness provide the fundamental core of what we develop and improve.

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