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FAMILY classes

Creating leaders, one martial arts lesson at a time...

So what do you ‘really’ do together as a family?


For most people my guess is you watch TV while the children play upstairs in their bedroom. Quality family time is having a similar interest as each other and a platform for which to study and grow together.


If your child plays for a local football team or takes swimming lessons, you have to sit/stand and watch. You generally can’t join in with them. Here at GPC MMA  we have family classes available where by you can all participate at the same time. The whole family can work together towards a common goal whilst getting some much needed exercise. You can all build your confidence to achieve your dreams and goals, and of course learn self defence skills to protect yourself and one another.


You don’t have to all attend the same class at the same time either. For example, one parent can attend the same afternoon class as the children but the other parent can’t as they are at work. Don’t worry, they can just attend one of the adult classes in the evening or why not do a Saturday morning class all together?


The McCarthy Family from Huntingdon GPC MMA have this to say:


"My family and I were looking for a fun activity that we could all participate in. We wanted something that would challenge us individually but that we could all learn together and some sort of Martial Art seemed to fit the bill. I did some research online and found that our local GPC MMA  school offered a family course in what looked like a friendly environment. GPC MMA has improved my children's confidence in themselves and we all get to take part in a fun and healthy activity together. The emphasis on courtesy and respect are important and do not always feature in other sports clubs or hobbies. I am also happy that my children are learning skills that they will be able to use to keep themselves safe. Joining the club has been a fantastic experience for us all, and it is great that we can all train and develop together."

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